Week 4 and 5

We are doing VERY good on time management and we are even a bit ahead on most of elements of the level.

It is midterm and props are completely modeled. We have been very busy with mid-terms so this site has taken a while to update. We have started on the opening camera move in matinee and did some awesome scripting in Kismet to control an on/off switch on our incinerator/crusher machine. We also figured out bones and I was able to rig a cardboard box with some simple dynamic bones on the flaps so that the flaps move and fold when you throw the box around.

Below are some screenshots of the box with bones, all of the modeled architectural elements and all of the props in the editor.

Asset List: (UPDATED)

This is everything we’ve modeled so far since the last major update…. Now time to start texturing all of this stuff. Mike has a nice texture pipeline we will post soon.


Pipe set 2

Roll-up style door

Tier 3 wall

Corrigated metal piece

Seperate wood planks (3)

Concrete molding

Pipe set 1

– Warehouse windows

– Distant window

– Windows with iron bars

Junk pile

Junk pile edges (all junk piles can be put on the same uv space)


Iron gate for the archways leading out of the map

Flourescent Light





– old broken jet engine

– power boxes!

– toolbox

– giant pistons

– industrial fan

– organizer/shelf

– market stands/tables

– stool

– metal sawhorse

– light switches / button controls

– power lines

– tools (maul, huge wrench)

– trashbin/trash-compactor

– machine parts

– bucket

– cardboard box

– machine 1

– barrel

– gas cans / welding tanks




– Tech-Market Statue

– Fountain


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