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This weekend was very successful for both Mike and I. After much troubleshooting and error investigation we finally established a production pipeline for maximum productivity. We made a huge breakthrough in getting static meshes inside of the game engine. We also got our own copy of the Unreal 3 Engine and managed to talk the Montgomery hall technicians into installing Unreal 3 engine into Room 220 for Studio class.


Asset List

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– Market Level (Old City)
– Doorway/Entryway
– Arched Entrance
– Wall (Generic)
– Wall (Window)
– Corner piece
– Column?
– Old Lamps
– Basic Gate
– Tunnel/Alley

– Second Level (Middle Period)
-Wall (Window)
-Wall (Window) Variation 2
-Wall (Generic)
-Wall (Balcony)
-Corner piece

– Roof Level (Modern City)
-Wall (Window)
-Wall (Generic)
-Wall (Machinery)
-Corner piece
-Fluorescent Lighting


– Gears
– Bolts
– Machine Parts
– Machinery Variation 1
– Machinery Variation 2
– Rubble
– Crates (Large)
– Crates/Bins (Small)
– Market/Stand Variation 1
– Market/Stand Variation 2
– Barrel
– Junk pile
– Trashbin/Trash-compactor
– Trash
– Gas Cans/Tanks
– Hanging lines


– Tech-Market Statue
– Fountain (possibly inlayed in the wall)
– Giant Machinery/Engine/Power-Facility
– Tech-Market Gate
– Robot/Steam engineer?

The Quarter Begins

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Work has officially begun on the Studio I Project. The Market/Bazaar Environment will be built in Maya and piped through the Unreal 3 game engine to create a real-time, working video game environment.

  • Mike and I have decided on the finished Ground-plan

  • An asset list has been created to expedite the modeling process
  • Work on the modular wall sections has started in Maya
  • BSP/CSG has been fully built within Unreal 3 and all ground/wall collision works