Steven’s Corner (Week 1)

Zbrush, Zbrush, Zbrush!

Nearly all of this weekend was spent working on Studio I. Lucky for me this proved very productive to getting the architecture well under way on this project. This weekend was spent sculpting the high-res models in Zbrush. I also generated the Ambient Occlusion and Normal maps for each asset, which is now fully functional in the engine. Textures for the models will come later, but modeling, sculpting, and uv’ing are done!

Below is a small bit of the work I accomplished this weekend. Each model is getting progressively faster and faster through the pipeline which is promising. Included is a few Ambient Occlusion and Normal Maps and also a view of the models inside Unreal 3 engine.


One Response to “Steven’s Corner (Week 1)”

  1. Nice work~creative, imaginative, specific, visionary, ingenious and clever!~G. Joan

    Hi Mike~we have been looking at your blog and are very impressed. I brought Ned back to school yesterday, spent the night and will be on my way home soon. Back to your work here~you guys really seem to be on top of this assignment. Great work! I will enjoy revisiting this sight to see what you’ve been up to!

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