Mike’s Corner (Week 4 & 5)

So at midterm we are on (and a little ahead) of schedule considering all the additions made to the project that were never planned. At this stage all required modeling is finished and we will be moving on to textures ASAP. In addition to modeling we’ve made significant additions in the terms of effects, dynamic objects, scripting, and lighting. At this point we planned on having only the modeling complete, and originally we never intended to do any scripting, but with some encouragement, and because this stuff is just so dam fun for us, we’ve added some really cool events to the level like the incinerator! Hopefully we can soon figure out how to actually throw objects into the incinerator smashing them to bits, but we’re sort of treading in unfamiliar territory with this stuff so there’s no promises. Believe me we’d like to see it as much as you!
Here are some of the props that were finished for Mid-term

I also completed effects on the fountain asset that was finished in the last update.


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